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Business Continuity in Severe Weather

Severe weather is very much in the news recently with last week’s flooding in Cornwall and forecasts of heavy snow and ice this weekend.  What are the implications for Business Continuity?

Clearly, extreme weather can disrupt businesses in many ways.  As well as loss of access to premises and unavailability of staff (both through transport disruption and school closures); it is also important to consider loss of utilities and disruption to critical suppliers.  If you have carried out a Business Impact Analysis then the potential impact of these on your business should be easy to see.

The specific actions that you need to take to mitigate these impacts will very much depend on the nature of your business.  However, key areas to look at include:

  • Updating contact details for all staff;
  • Maximising the capacity for homeworking; and
  • Ensuring that appropriate HR policies are in place for absence due to severe weather.