Water Shortages in Northern Ireland

Water supplies throughout Northern Ireland have been severely disrupted by a spate of leaks caused by the rapid thawing of frozen pipes.  The extent of the leaks is so great that reservoirs are running low and water supplies are being turned off in rotation to conserve supplies. Whilst everyone accepts that these are exceptional circumstances […]

Earthquake in Cumbria

Last night, shortly before midnight, Coniston in the Lake District was at the centre of an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale.  Fortunately there are no reports of injuries.  Whilst earthquakes are not a major problem in the UK they do have an interesting, if somewhat indirect, relevance to Risk Management.  The severity of earthquakes follows […]

Ark-H Handling Achieve BS25999 Certification

Cambridge Risk Solutions’ client Ark-H Handling formally received BS25999 certification this week.  This achievenment further adds to their reputation as one of the leading providers of handling and fulfilment services to enhance clients’ marketing and promotional activities. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the management team and all staff at Ark-H on a […]

WikiLeaks Battle Continues

It appears that supporters of WikiLeaks are fighting back against companies that have withdrawn their support from the embattled website (see previous post) with a series of coordinated denial-of-service attacks.  Visa and Mastercard appear to have been the main targets and some reports have suggested that the attacks have been successful in temporarily disrupting some Mastercard services. This latest round in […]

Telephone Problems at Peterborough City Hospital

Only weeks after opening, the new £300m Peterborough City Hospital is back in the news because of ongoing problems with the telephone system.  It appears that for over a week now, a significant number of calls to the main switchboard have been left unanswered, or even lost completely, resulting in much frustration for patients and their families. Whilst such extended […]

Severe Weather – Silly Arguments but Useful Lessons

As the worst of the current blast of winter weather passes, the debate over how well the UK Government and transport networks handled the disruption intensifies.  As was argued on this blog last winter, the fact that things go badly wrong every once in a while is probably a good sign.  The fact that we get two […]

WikiLeaks – Extreme Business Continuity

Amidst the daily reporting of the latest revelations on the WikiLeaks website, there is a parallel story about the organisation’s own fight for survival.  The simultaneous pressure of Denial-Of-Service attacks and withdrawal of support by key suppliers has put WikiLeaks under enormous pressure.  Whilst few of us are likely to face this precise combination of events, the unique experience of […]