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Severe weather is very much in the news recently with last week’s flooding in Cornwall and forecasts of heavy snow and ice this weekend.  What are the implications for Business Continuity? Clearly, extreme weather can disrupt businesses in many ways.  As well as loss of access to premises and unavailability of staff (both through transport disruption and [...]

Violence at Student Protest

The violence at last week’s protest against increases in student fees seemed to catch everyone, including the Police, by surprise.  Whilst the violence was targeted against Conservative Party Headquarters, clearly any other organisation based at 30 Millbank or adjacent premises will have been impacted by it.  How well prepared is your organisation to deal with this [...]

Planes & Trains & Concrete Mixers

What does a week where a concrete mixer lands on a train and Qantas has engine problems on two planes teach us about Business Continuity? The investigation into the Selby Rail Crash in February 2001, confidently asserted that we should only expect such an accident – where a road vehicle strayed onto the tracks as a passenger train and a freight train were approaching [...]

Aviation security is vey much in the news again.  First came calls to review the need for some of the more onerous checks on air travellers and then – with the discovery of 2 bombs in cargo planes – came calls for tougher security across the entire air transport system.  How do we accommodate these opposing viewpoints and [...]