Swine Flu Back in the Headlines

Swine ‘Flu was back in the headlines this week as the WHO attended the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to explain its management of the H1N1 pandemic. As the immediate threat of the pandemic appears to have receded, attention has now turned to analysing if the incident could have been managed better. In […]

Eathquake in Haiti

Earthquakes present a stark contradiction: we know how often they are likely to occur but we still can’t predict when they will strike. To be precise, earthquakes follow a ‘Power-Law Distribution’: that is to say earthquakes that kill 100 people occur about 10 times more often that ones that kill 1000 people and 100 times […]

Chaos on Britain's Roads

The prolonged cold weather and heavy snow over the last few weeks have caused chaos on Britain’s roads. Are the current difficulties in keeping our roads open a cause for concern or evidence of a sensible cost-benefit analysis? The media have spent a lot of time in recent weeks showing pictures and video of blocked […]