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Chemical Scare Closes the Bullring

The Bullring in Birmingham is closed for a second day following a chemical scare that has left 30 people seeking medical attention. The shopping centre was closed yesterday, and then re-opened this morning, before being evacuated again after people started suffering from symptoms. Police do not yet know if the cause is an accident or malicious. Shops and the Bullring remain closed, and Edgbaston Street is also closed in the area.

So What Could This Mean For You?

An evacuation of this nature could have a large impact on businesses, particularly those for which this is their only site. Whilst the premises are unimpacted, staff and customers cannot reach them, and the business is not able to operate. However, there are some steps that you can take to prepare for such eventualities.

A Business Impact Analysis will help to identify the critical activities, and the resources that underpin those activities, such as numbers of staff, telephones, equipment, etc. The development of strategy and plan can help to identify ways to deal with a loss of access to premises. As an example, consider whether you:

  • can divert telephones remotely?
  • have access to critical phone numbers for key suppliers and customers?
  • can contact staff to let them know what is happening?
  • have policies so that staff know whether they will be paid?
  • have access to IT?
  • have access to critical documentation?

These are just some of the simple steps and considerations that can help to build the resilience of your company ensuring that you are able to operate.