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Area-wide power cut in Dartford area

This morning (23 July) power was finally restored for the last of the 94,000 properties that have been without power since lunchtime on 20 July. Vandalism had caused the problems for large parts of the London Borough of Bexley and a small part of Bromley Borough, resulting in total loss of power, and then later an intermittent supply as rota diconnections were implemented. EDF Energy had to bring generators from around the country, and were supplying power from some 76 sites. Even now, power is not fully back to normal, and residents may experience outages as they are transfered back to the newly repaired mains network.

So What Does This Mean For Your Business?

A simple Business Impact Analysis should identify the critical activities for your business and the critical resources required to be able to fulfill those areas of the operation, including issues such as the more power critical areas of the business. A simple cost-benefit analysis would then be able to help you to understand whether, for example, a generator would be beneficial.

Equally the Business Impact Analysis can help with the development of a clear Business Continuity Strategy and the development of a robust plan would help in a speedy assessment of the situation, and implementation of alternate procedures, eg from another location.