O2 Data Failure

O2 experienced a major failure of its data network, reducing the ability of many to be able to connect to the internet through their mobile phone. What does this mean for my business? Whilst it is unlikely that this would have been a major concern for many business, this does demonstrate the difficulties in a […]

Area-wide power cut in Dartford area

This morning (23 July) power was finally restored for the last of the 94,000 properties that have been without power since lunchtime on 20 July. Vandalism had caused the problems for large parts of the London Borough of Bexley and a small part of Bromley Borough, resulting in total loss of power, and then later […]

Swine Flu – New UK Planning Assumptions

On the 16th of July, the Department of Health issued new planning assumptions for swine ‘flu, based on analysis and modelling of the most up to date data from the UK and abroad. The news is generally positive: in particular it is now estimated that the fatality rate will be somewhere in the region of […]

Fires and Business Continuity

There have been a couple of fires of note in the recent press. The first was the loss of the Headquarters of Seearo Construction, based in Royston. The second was the fire on 10th July in Soho, which damaged the Dean Street offices of Future Capital Partners. Both fires aptly demonstrate the importance of Business […]