Chemical Scare Closes the Bullring

The Bullring in Birmingham is closed for a second day following a chemical scare that has left 30 people seeking medical attention. The shopping centre was closed yesterday, and then re-opened this morning, before being evacuated again after people started suffering from symptoms. Police do not yet know if the cause is an accident or […]

Fire in European Commission Building

A fire at lunchtime today led to the evacuation of the European Commission building in Brussels. No-one was hurt in the incident, although the building is expected to be closed until at least Tuesday. There was initial confusion about the source of the fire, as the ventilation system carried smoke and fumes down to the […]

Swine 'Flu Update

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have upped the alert state to Level 5, suggesting that a Pandemic is imminent, whilst swine ‘flu is now confirmed to have reached 12 countries in 3 different continents. The number of confirmed cases in Mexico has risen to around 300. 12 people are known to have died from the […]