Mexican Swine Flu

An outbreak of swine flu virus has killed 81 in Mexico, with further cases being found in the United States. New Zealand, France and Israel has also reported suspected cases. The government in Mexico has imposed restrictions, closing public buildings, including schools, and cancelling public events. Some 70% of bars and restaurants in Mexico City […]

Channel Blockade Again

French fisherman have formed blockades at Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne. The blockades started yesterday, 14 April 2009, and are still on-going, with one ferry carrying almost 400 passengers being turned back from Calais. Operation Stack has been implemented on the M20, with hundreds of lorries being held in a queue. So What What Does This […]

Digger Cuts Communications

A third party contractor working on the Olympics Village dug through fibre optic and copper cables over the weekend, taking out broad-band and PSTN for the East End of London and beyond…..causing problems that are still on-going. The BT cables were severed on Saturday (4th April 2009) and even by 8th April were still causing […]