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Workers arriving at the Vale Business Park, Llandow were greeted this morning by a spectacular blaze in one of the industrial units.  It is reported that the fire, for the second time this month, is at the SiteServ facility in the industrial complex. For both this and the previous Llandow fire, a number of businesses [...]

The fire at a recycling plant in Smethwick in the West Midlands is clearly a major incident.  The disruption to local businesses is yet another stark reminder of the need to be prepared for denial of access to your premises.  I was slightly taken aback though at the surprise expressed by spokespeople from the Fire [...]

Two significant fires broke out in Cambridgeshire this afternoon, only minutes apart - one at a barn near Ely and the other in a factory near March.  The factory fire was particularly serious with over 60 firefighters involved at one point and residents advised to stay indoors because of clouds of smoke from burning plastic.  Most [...]

A serious fire broke out at a tyre recycling factory in Littleport, near Ely on the afternoon of Friday 21st August. The burning tyres created a 200 foot high plume of black smoke leading to a number of road closures and local residents being told to keep windows closed. The fire also caused a diesel [...]

There have been a couple of fires of note in the recent press. The first was the loss of the Headquarters of Seearo Construction, based in Royston. The second was the fire on 10th July in Soho, which damaged the Dean Street offices of Future Capital Partners. Both fires aptly demonstrate the importance of Business [...]

A fire at lunchtime today led to the evacuation of the European Commission building in Brussels. No-one was hurt in the incident, although the building is expected to be closed until at least Tuesday. There was initial confusion about the source of the fire, as the ventilation system carried smoke and fumes down to the [...]